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The links on this page will download the latest single-user version of STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV. For trial copies of STATGRAPHICS Mobile, check out the STATGRAPHICS Mobile download page. To download the network version of STATGRAPHICS Centurion, please contact us. For our latest version downloads check out STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI download page.


NEW: An interactive "Getting Started" guide containing several tutorials has been added to this web site. After you download the software, click Getting Started for a quick introduction to using STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV.

You may use the links on this page to:

1. Download a trial copy that may be run in Evaluation Mode for 30 days.

2. Download a copy you have purchased and use it while waiting for your packaged CD to arrive.

3. Update a previously purchased copy. (Please be sure to enter your serial number during the upgrade installation program.)

Build: 15.2.14 posted April 10, 2009

IMPORTANT: To access the download files, you will need the current Download Username and Password. To obtain the Download  Username and Password via e-mail, click here to register.

Step 1: Download the setup program for the primary language that you intend to use. First click on one of the following links:

Primary language Setup program (Professional Edition)
English setup15214E.exe
French setup15214F.exe. To obtain this file, go to
German setup15214G.exe
Italian setup15214I.exe. To obtain this file, visit
Spanish setup15214S.exe

When the File Download dialog box appears, press the Save button. Each file is between 45 and 50 MB.

Step 2: When the download is complete, use Windows Explorer to locate and run the executable file that you downloaded. PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES WHEN YOU RUN THE INSTALL PROGRAM AND WHEN YOU RUN STATGRAPHICS FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Step 3: When the installation program requests a serial number, you may either:

(1) Leave the serial number blank to run the program in Evaluation Mode for 30 days.

(2) Enter the serial number you received when you purchased the program.

Step 4: If you wish to install additional languages, download one or more of the following:

Additional  language Supplemental setup program
English setup15214ES.exe
French setup15214FS.exe
German setup15214GS.exe
Italian setup15214IS.exe
Spanish setup15214SS.exe

Repeat the setup process for each file that you download.

Step 5: After installing all desired languages, locate the STATGRAPHICS icon on your desktop and click on it to start the program.

NEW: An interactive "Getting Started" guide containing several tutorials has been added to this web site. After you download the software, click Getting Started for a quick introduction to using STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV.

Note: Trial Copies

Trial copies may be run in Evaluation Mode for 30 days. During that period, the program will be fully functional. No features are disabled. If you decide to purchase a license for the program, you can convert the downloaded copy into a licensed copy by selecting License Manager from the Help menu while running the Evaluation copy. Enter the serial number you are given when you purchase the license to convert it into a licensed copy. For information on purchasing a license, refer to our pricing page.

Note: Professional Edition versus Standard Edition

The trial copies give access to all of the features in the Professional Edition of STATGRAPHICS Centurion. After the trial period, access to some menu items may be blocked if you have purchased a license for the Standard Edition rather than the Professional Edition. For a list of features contained in the two editions, please check the STATGRAPHICS Centurion Documents page.

Note: Multilingual Features

During the Evaluation period, you may switch between languages by selecting Edit - Preferences from the main STATGRAPHICS Centurion menu. Click on the Language tab and select the language you wish to use. You may select different languages for the user interface and for the output. Once the trial period is over, the languages you have access to will depend on the license that you purchase. Access to more than one language requires that you purchase a license for either the Bilingual Edition or the Multilingual Edition.

NOTE: Current STATGRAPHICS users who have previously purchased a license for a single language will be able to access multiple languages for a period of 30 days. After that, an upgrade must be purchased.

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