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Training Module: Regression Analysis Using Statgraphics

This module covers the use of STATGRAPHICS in fitting various types of regression models.
Module length: 0.5 day
Simple Regression
Fitting a Straight Line
Plotting the Fitted Model
Regression Statistics
Lack-of-Fit Tests
Selecting a Nonlinear Model
Analyzing Residuals
Detecting Influential Points
Removing Outliers
Generating Predictions
Polynomial Regression
Selecting the Proper Polynomial
Dangers of Extrapolation
Box-Cox Transformations
Selecting the Proper Power
Skewness and Kurtosis Plots
Multiple Regression
Model Specification
Regression Analysis Table
Stepwise Variable Selection
Detecting Autocorrelation
Cochrane-Orcutt Procedure
Special Topics
Fitting Calibration Models
Generating All Possible Regressions
Comparing Regression Lines
Regression Models for Counts and Proportions