Version 19 Release Notes

Important note: When installing a new build, do not uninstall the previous build. The new build will replace the previous build and will not require reactivation.

Version 19.2.02 posted September 13, 2021

New features:

  1. Increased factor limit for extreme vertices mixture designs to 7.
  2. Increased variable limit in multivariate normal random number generator to 16.
  3. Added confidence limits for optimized response value in DOE procedures.
  4. Added support for weighting observations in Support Vector Machines.
  5. Added support for value labels in Quantile Regression.


  1. Fixed default scaling in some residual plots.
  2. Fixed crash when computing Studentized residuals if all but 1 value fell perfectly on a straight line.

Version 19.2.01 posted March 10, 2021

New procedures:

  1. Dynamic Pareto Chart (under Statlets - Data Columns)
  2. Dynamic Radar/Spider Plot (under Statlets - Data Columns)
  3. Time Series Spiral Plot (under Statlets - Data Columns)
  4. Support Vector Machines (under Interfaces - Python)
  5. Fitting Non-Normal Mixture Distributions (under Interfaces - R)

Other new features:

  1. Point symbols placement in legend boxes improved.
  2. New option added to control mouse cursor sensitivity when clicking to identify points on a graph.


  1. Improved handling of missing values in Bivariate Mixture Distribution Fitting.
  2. A graph title was fixed in Zero Inflated Count Regression.
  3. Fixed problem with ODBC queries when using 64-bit system.


Version 19.1.03 posted December 29, 2020

New Features:

  1. In Multiple Variable Analysis, may now choose whether to display sample sizes and P-values in correlation matrix tables.
  2. In Cluster Analysis and K-Means Clustering, may now draw convex hulls around each cluster in 2-D scatterplots.
  3. Optional value labels added to barcharts in Barchart, Multiple Barchart, Frequency Tabulation, Frequency Tables, Contingency Tables and Crosstabulation.
  4. Condition number added to summary of experimental designs in DOE Wizard.
  5. Added pane in K-Means Clustering to display any messages from Python. Also removed the option to precompute distances since that option is no longer valid in Scikit-Learn library.
  1. Improved drawing of contour lines in Distribution Fitting (Bivariate Mixture Distributions).
  2. Fixed crash when using Rotate button on ribbon bar.
  3. Prevented operations such as Rename, Copy and Repeat for the DOE Wizard window.
  4. In Stability Analysis, fixed error caused by estimating some nonlinear models when X=0.
  5. Fixed problem loading StatFolio when connected to old .sfx file.

Version 19.1.02 posted November 27, 2020

New Features:

  1. Output displayed when fitting most DOE models now displays Prediction Sum of Squares (PRESS) and Predicted R-Squared.
  2. Diagnostic plots when fitting most DOE models now give choice of displaying ordinary or Studentized residuals.
  3. In Automatic Forecasting, algorithm will now consider ARIMA models containing a constant even if differencing is not considered.
  1. In DOE Wizard, fixed problem in Augment Design when adding additional runs.
  2. In StatGallery, fixed problem with legend box overwriting itself when overlaying a second graph.
  3. In Heat Map, fixed problem when dealing with a large amount of data.

Version 19.1.01 posted October 1, 2020

Initial release of Statgraphics Centurion 19.