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Since 1980, STATGRAPHICS has led the way in providing powerful, intuitive software tools for statistical modeling, data analysis and visualization.

Statgraphics Centurion XVI.II is a Windows desktop application designed to help data analysts extract the vital actionable information from their data. More...

STATGRAPHICS Sigma express
Statgraphics Sigma express is an add-in for Microsoft Excel designed specifically for practitioners and students of Lean and Six Sigma. More...

Statgraphics Online lets you analyze data over the Internet from within a web browser. Use it on your PC, Mac, iPad, or any device with a web browser. More...


Companies Who Use STATGRAPHICS

  • NASA
  • Sara Lee
  • Abbott
  • Alcoa  
  •   Porsche

Your data will speak volumes

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Featured testimonials

Director of New Product Development
STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI has given us the tools required to put statistical significance to our data. The new additions... More

Process Improvement Manager
The easy to understand and comprehensive StatAdvisor makes even the most challenging analyses make sense. When it comes to this feature alone... More