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Statgraphics is a powerful yet intuitive software program for data analysis, data visualization, statistical modeling, and predictive analytics. It is a comprehensive program offering over 230 procedures covering everything from summary statistics to advanced statistical models.

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The Statistical Program That Started it All...

Statgraphics was the first statistical software program adapted for the PC, the  first to introduce integration of graphics into every statistical procedure, and the originator of point-by-point assistance tools and countless other groundbreaking features to simplify your tasks. While others were busy playing catch up, Statgraphics led the pack in providing pioneering advances. Want an assistant to guide you through each phase of your analysis and skip the learning curve? StatWizard ™ and StatAdvisor™ are at your service.
And our trailblazing continues…

Version 17 contains

32 new statistical procedures

and significant enhancements to 20 existing procedures.

The enhancements emphasize the increasing importance of data visualization, both for unlocking the information that is often hidden in collected data and for understanding the meaning of statistical methods applied to that data.

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Statgraphics products are created for professionals in every industry to optimize their business processes, improve their products and services and outpace their competitors.
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Data visualization

Data visualization. ​See the big picture and gain new insights when visualizing your data. New in Version 17 are several dynamic Statlets® used to visualize changes in multivariate time series. By manipulating the controls on the toolbar, changes over time may be viewed dynamically.​ With Statgraphics superior graphical capability​​​ there is nothing left unseen!​

Easy of Use

Ease of use. ​Statgraphics is the most intuitive statistical analysis program that turns complex data sets into simple language and actionable results. Bring the meaning of your data forward with our unique suite of wizards and tools that perform the hard tasks for you, transforming you into an Über Analyst™ in record time.


StatAdvisor™. The StatAdvisor makes statistical output understandable by individuals who may not be professional statisticians. It explains the critical insights to be gained from each output table, explaining the significance (or lack thereof) of the results. StatAdvisor output is perfect for pasting into a report to disseminate to others.


Interactivity. Communicate with your data in ways you could never imagine. Statgraphics XVII has the tools you need to connect with your data, accelerate your knowledge and make the most out of the results. Use slider bars to change analysis options. Use toolbar controls to zoom in on interesting features or rotate plots to get a better view. Examine unusual points, highlight subsets, or create a video.

Quality management and improvement

Quality Management and Improvement. Quality improvement made simple. Need SPC? Effortlessly kick your quality projects up a notch. Control multiple process variables simultaneously with the new, dynamic Deviation Dashboard. See our wide selection of tools for quality assessment, capability analysis, control charts, gage studies, acceptance sampling, Monte Carlo simulation, and Lean Six Sigma.

Design of experiments wizard

Design of Experiments Wizard. Breeze through projects. Reduce costs. The DOE Wizard steps you through each stage of the experimental design process. Version XVII adds new computer-generation of optimal designs to its extensive catalog of screening, response surface, mixture and RPD experiments. Use the dynamic Response Surface Explorer to visualize each factor’s impact on the fitted process model.

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Training. Statpoint Technologies, Inc. and its worldwide dealers conduct both public and on-site seminars covering the use of Statgraphics Centurion for statistical analysis. The seminars are appropriate for both new and advanced users.


SupportStatpoint and its dealers are dedicated to providing first-class technical support. contains a large number of instructional videos, how-to guides and recorded webinars. Our support specialists are also available by e-mail or phone and are highly knowledgeable about both Statgraphics and statistical methods.


Validation. Before release of each new version, extensive tests are performed to ensure that the program operates properly. For users needing to validate the statistical results for regulatory agencies, we will be happy to cooperate in providing information about our software and development procedures.

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