Training Module: Advanced Statistical Process Control

Our advanced process control training courses continue the discussion of using STATGRAPHICS for SPC. Contact us to learn more about our SPC training courses.

SPC training module length:  0.5 day

Outline of SPC courses:

Statistical Tolerance Limits

  • Normal Tolerance Limits
  • Tolerance Limits for Lognormal and Weibull Distributions
  • Nonparametric Limits

Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility

  • Setting up a Standard Study
  • Average and Range Method
  • ANOVA Method
  • Short Studies
  • Destructive Tests

Gage Linearity and Accuracy

  • Setting up a Standard Study
  • Estimating Bias
  • Estimating Linearity

Gage Studies for Attributes

  • Setting Up a Standard Study
  • Estimating R&R
  • Interrater Comparisons

Advanced Control Charts

  • EWMA Charts
  • Acceptance Control Charts
  • Multivariate Control Charts