Training Overview

Statgraphics Technologies, Inc. and many of its dealers worldwide provide statistical analysis software training services that are designed to help you get the most out of STATGRAPHICS. You may choose data analysis consulting options like:

1. Live and recorded webinars that show you how to make the most effective use of STATGRAPHICS. Register now for the next webinar (they're free) or view recordings of webinars that have already been presented.

2. Instructional videos covering various topics in data analysis and Six Sigma. These videos take you step-by-step through the analysis of typical real-world data.

3. Statgraphics on-site statistical analysis software training during which one of Statgraphics' instructors will teach a group of your employees how to analyze data using STATGRAPHICS. Contents of the training is specially designed to meet client needs.

4. Data Analysis consulting seminars around the world given by Statgraphics' international training partners.

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