Download Statgraphics 18:

30-Day Free Trial or Licensed Program

This page provides links to download Statgraphics Version 18. You may download the full version of Statgraphics 18 for free and begin a 30-Day trial without a credit card. Please note that the 32-bit downloads will work with any version of Windows, but the 64-bit downloads will only work with 64-bit Windows. Note also that the new "Big Data" features added to Statgraphics 18 are only functional in the 64-bit version. Licensees should also use these links.

Version 18.1.13 posted June 10, 2020

Primary language downloads: these links contain the main program and resources for a selected language. 

Primary language  download-ftr.fw download-ftr.fw 
English Download 32-bit 64-bit
French Download 32-bit 64-bit
German Download 32-bit 64-bit
Italian Download 32-bit 64-bit
Spanish Download 32-bit 64-bit

When the File Download dialog box appears, press the Save button. The files are each approximately 160 MB.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STUDENTS USING ACADEMIC SITE LICENSES: If the serial number you were given begins with "S" or "T", you must download Version 17. Version 18 only works with serial numbers beginning with "A" or "B".

Additional language downloads: If you wish to install additional languages, download one or more of the following:

Additional language    
English 32-bit 64-bit
French 32-bit 64-bit
German 32-bit 64-bit
Italian 32-bit 64-bit
Spanish  32-bit  64-bit

Repeat the setup process for each file that you download.

Updating Note: If you are updating an earlier build of Version 18, install the current build in the same location as the earlier build. You do not need to uninstall the earlier build. Also, you will not need to reactivate the program.

Download and Installation Process

Watch videos of setup process!

The following documents give complete details about the setup process:

It is important that you follow the instructions they contain.