Training Module: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Using Statgraphics

Learn ANOVA with this module that covers the use of STATGRAPHICS in performing ANOVA statistical analysis for different types of data.

Module length: 0.5 day


Oneway ANOVA

  • Summary Statistics
  • ANOVA Table
  • Means Table
  • Means Plot
  • Multiple Range Tests
  • Variance Check
  • Residual Plots
  • Notched Box-and-Whisker Plot
  • Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Sample Size Determination

Multifactor ANOVA

  • ANOVA Table
  • Means Plot
  • Interaction Plots
  • Multiple Comparison Procedures
  • Analysis of Covariance

Variance Components Analysis

  • Hierarchical Designs
  • Variance Component Estimates

General Linear Models

  • Model Specification
  • Crossed and Nested Factors
  • Fixed and Random Factors
  • Comparing Treatments Against a Control
  • User-Defined Contrasts
  • Combining Categorical and Quantitative Factors