Announcement from our CEO on the COVID-19 Crisis

Special Deep Discount to Support Business Continuity

Dear valued member of the Statgraphics community:

We sincerely hope that you and your families are safe and remain well. We especially salute the first responders and healthcare professionals as well as the civilian volunteers who have bravely continued to treat those who have been struck by the COVID-19 virus. And we offer our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones and friends.

We recognize the profound hardship being brought to bear on our community and the world at large during this COVID-19 health ordeal and economic disruption. We are sensitive to the challenges that many businesses are facing as a result. As such, we wish to convey our heartfelt concern and do our part to support you via a special, deep discount on purchases of Statgraphics.

Until April 30th, Statgraphics 18 licenses will be discounted by 50%. This includes all editions of the software: Single User and Network Licenses and Upgrades, Corporate and Academic Licenses, Perpetual and Annual, Monolingual, Bilingual and Multi-Lingual Licenses. Student licenses and academic site licenses are not included.

While we do not produce medical supplies, PPE or other healthcare materials, we do develop software that enables those who do to produce them more efficiently and economically by streamlining processes and reducing costs. We understand that keeping overall expenditures low while improving efficiencies is vital for all business continuance in this period of uncertainty. We believe that making data analysis and efficacy protocols more readily available to companies who might otherwise not pursue implementation of their cost saving benefits, will enable adoption of system proficiencies that will help them remain viable, even while the economic picture is weakened.

We are hopeful that the opportunity to pay significantly less for the software purchase will make it affordable for you and enable you to benefit from the information that Statgraphics data science uncovers, allowing you to reduce your overall costs and keep your businesses operational. It is important to everyone that people keep their jobs, occupations and livelihoods. The economic decline that could ensue from the current business standstill is a serious threat to millions of people. We want to assist so that your enterprise can remain viable until normal business conventions can resume, as the pandemic recedes and is eliminated in due course. Should you wish to inquire about Statgraphics capability or to avail yourself of the discount, please reach out to us directly at, or visit our store (click to purchase), or contact your local distributor so that you may take advantage of the offer. For example, to find a local dealer, you could click on the following link:

With best wishes for a speedy recovery to those who have been afflicted by the illness and others who have suffered severe economic and personal difficulties.


Caroline Chopek, CEO and The Statgraphics Team