FitDistributionPlot STATBEAN®


Purpose: A distribution fitting tool that plots the results of fitting one or more probability distributions to a column of data.

Distribution Fitting Tool DataSource: FitDistribution. 


Distribution Fitting Tool Read/Write Properties
Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
by double Width of intervals (continuous data only). Any double value > 0. 0.1
fillColor Color Color to use for the bars. Any valid Color.
from double Lower limit for first interval (numeric data only). Any double value. 0.0
resolution int For continuous distributions, the number of points at which the function is calculated. 50+ 500
scaleByPercentage boolean Whether to scale the axes by percentage rather than frequency. true,false false
to double Upper limit for last interval (numeric data only). Double value > from. 1.0

Other Public Methods
Name Description Arguments Return Value
double getLowerLimit() Returns lower limit of first class. None. Lower limit.
int getNumberOfClasses() Returns the number of classes. None. Number of classes.
double getUpperLimit() Returns upper limit of last class. None. Upper limit.

Code Sample - see FitDistribution.