Training Module: Introduction to Design of Experiments

This module introduces users to the use of STATGRAPHICS along with design of experiments classes. Contact us to learn more about our DOE training modules.

Module length: 0.5 day

DOE Training Outline:

Constructing an Experimental Design

  • Step 1: Define the Response Variables
  • Step 2: Define the Experimental Factors
  • Step 3: Select a Design
  • Step 4: Specify a Statistical Model
  • Step 5: Select Runs
  • Step 6: Evaluate Design Properties
  • Step 7: Save Experimental Design

Analyzing an Experimental Design

  • Step 8: Fit the Statistical Model
  • Step 9: Optimize the Response Variables
  • Step 10: Save the Results

Augmenting Designs

  • Step 11: Add Additional Runs
  • Step 12: Extrapolate Beyond the Experimental Region