Training Module: New Version Update

This module covers important topics added to Statgraphics Centurion in recent releases. It is designed for individuals who are familiar with older versions of Statgraphics and who wish to update their skills to include new operations and procedures.

Module length:0.5 - 1 day


Topics covered will be selected from:

Changes to the User Interface

  • Using the StatLog
  • “Repeat Analysis By…”
  • XML scripts
  • StatFolio passwords
  • Tabular options

Data Handling

  • New data types
  • New data operators
  • Changes to rules for naming variables
  • Find and replace


  • Adding objects to a graph
  • Pan and zoom
  • Dynamic response surface exploration
  • Graphics Profile Designer
  • 3-D contour and mesh plots
  • Creating videos

Modifications to Existing Statistical Procedures

  • Process capability analysis
  • Multiple variable analysis
  • Multiple sample comparison
  • Multiple regression
  • Statistical tolerance limits

New Statistical Procedures

  • Design of Experiment Wizard
  • New control charts (p’, u’, g, t charts)
  • Data visualizers
  • Statlets
  • Demographic maps
  • Repeated measures ANOVA
  • Kriging
  • ANSI acceptance sampling plans
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Analysis of repairable systems
  • Reliability demonstration test plans
  • Item reliability analysis
  • Ternary plots