Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality

by Dr. Neil W. Polhemus

Publication date: 2017 by CRC Press

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Capability Analysis Based on Proportion of Nonconforming Items
Chapter 3: Capability Analysis Based on Rate of Nonconformities
Chapter 4: Capability Analysis of Normally Distributed Data
Chapter 5: Capability Analysis of Non-Normal Data
Chapter 6: Statistical Tolerance Limits
Chapter 7: Multivariate Capability Analysis
Chapter 8: Sample Size Determination
Chapter 9: Control Charts for Process Capability
Chapter 10: Conclusion
Appendix A: Probability Distributions
Appendix B: Guide to Capability Analysis Procedures in Statgraphics

Sample Data Files

Medical device diameters: meddevices.sgd
Airline accidents: accidents.sgd
Medical device diameters and strength: devices.sgd
Multivariate lognormal data: rmlognormal.sgd
Data for capability control charts: capcontrol.sgd
Data for acceptance control charts: diameterxbars.sgd

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