Java DataSource STATBEANS® - These beans maintain a rectangular data table which other STATBEANS® access to retrieve sources of data in statistics for analysis. Java DataSource STATBEANS® are provided for reading data from local text files, for reading data over the Internet or local intranets, for accessing databases via JDBC, and for maintaining data generated by user programs.

DataSource STATBEANS maintain rectangular data tables into which data is loaded for access by other types of STATBEANS. Each project must contain at least one datasource STATBEAN. Five types of datasource STATBEANS are provided:

  • FileDataSource - reads data from file on a local disk.
  • JdbcDataSource - retrieves data from a database via an SQL query using JDBC.
  • ProgramDataSource - maintains a data table for holding data generated by a user-written Java program.
  • UrlDataSource - reads data from a file located on the Internet or an intranet via its URL.
  • Calculation STATBEANS - these beans inherit the sources of data in statistics from their parent DataSource and add other variables which they calculate (such as residuals from a regression).