Piechart STATBEAN®


Purpose: Constructs a standard one-dimensional Java script pie chart. Statgraphics STATBEANS like this use JavaBeans to create data visualization pie charts.

DataSource for these data visualization pie charts: any (automatic data transfer if Tabulation). 


Pie Chart Tool Read/Write Properties
Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
className String Name for classes to be used in title. Any string. ""
decimalPlaces int Number of decimal places for displaying frequencies. 0+, or -1 for default. -1
frequencyVariableName String The name of the column containing class frequencies. Any string. "Frequency"
highlightOffet int Percentage offset for the highlighted slice. 1-100 10
highlightSlice1 int Number of the first highlighted slice, if any. 0 if none, else 1+. 0
highlightSlice2 int Number of the second highlighted slice, if any. 0 if none, else 1+. 0
labelVariableName String The name of the column containing class labels. Any string. "Label"
legends String The information to be placed in the legend block. "None","Class",
linesLength int Length of lines drawn to each label as a percentage of available graph space (affects spacing also). 0+ 10
linesToLabels boolean Whether lines will be drawn to each label. true,false false
ordering String The type of column ordering desired. Increasing and Decreasing refer to class frequencies. "Alphabetical",
"As Entered",
"Decreasing Alphabetical",
"Increasing Alphabetical".
"As Entered"
pieWidth int Percentage of available space used by the pie (affects the radius). 1-100 80
sliceColor Color array The colors to be used for the slices. Any valid Color. Various.
sliceLabelColor Color The color of the slice labels. Any valid Color. Color.black
sliceLabelFont Font The font to be used for the slice labels. Any Font. "Serif",0,12
sliceLabels String Labels to add at end of slices. "None","Class",
weightVariableName String The name of the column containing optional class weights. Any string. ""

Pie Chart Tool Code Sample - see Tabulation.