QuantilePlot STATBEAN®


Purpose: Creates a quantile plot for a single column of numeric data. 

Quantile Box Plot DataSource: Any. 


Read/Write Properties For Quantile Plot Visualization
Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
columnNames String array The names of the columns (if more than one) to be analyzed. One or more strings. {""}
drawNormalCurve boolean Whether to add the best-fitting normal distribution. true,false false
drawVertical boolean Whether to plot the percentages on the vertical axis. true,false true
resolution int For continuous distributions, the number of points at which the function is calculated. 50+ 500
tablewiseExclusion boolean Whether all rows of the data table containing a missing value in any column should be excluded from the plot. true,false false
xVariableName String The name of the column (if only one) with data values to be plotted on the horizontal axis. Any string. ""

Quantile Plot Software Code Sample

//create a datasource bean 
FileDataSource fileDataSource1 = new STATBEANS.FileDataSource(); 

//set the file name to be read 

//create a chart bean 
QuantilePlot quantileplot1 = new STATBEANS.QuantilePlot(); 

//set the column to be plotted 

//add a normal curve 

//show the plot 

//make the plot bean a listener for changes in the FileDataSource bean 

//instruct the fileDataSource bean to read the file