AnovaTable STATBEAN®


Purpose: Displays the results of a multifactor analysis of variance.

DataSource: Anova. 


AnovaTable Read/Write Properties

Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
confidenceLevel double Level of confidence for the intervals. 0.0001-99.9999 95.0
intervalType int Type of intervals. 0=none,1=standard error
4=Tukey HSD,5=Sheffe
showMeans boolean Whether to display least squares means and standard deviations. true,false false
showANOVA boolean Whether to display the analysis of variance table. true,false true
showCoefficients boolean Whether to display the estimated regression coefficients. true,false true
showDependentVariable boolean Whether to display the name of the dependent variable. true,false true
showStatistics boolean Whether to display summary statistics for the regression. true,false true
type3SumsOfSquares boolean Whether to display type 3 sums of squares instead of type 1. true,false true

Other properties for the AnovaTable StatBean are inherited from the java.awt.Panel class and from the general TabularStatbean class. 

AnovaTable Code Sample - see Anova.