CorrelationsTable STATBEAN®


Purpose: Displays estimated correlations for pairs of numeric columns. Allows Statgraphics to function as a correlation coefficient calculator.

DataSource: Correlations. 


Read/Write Properties

Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
decimalPlaces int Number of decimal places for correlations and P-values. 1-9 4
rankCorrelation boolean Whether to display rank correlations instead of product-moment correlations. true,false false
showHeading boolean Whether to include a heading at the top of the table. true,false true
showPvalues boolean Whether to include P-values in the table. true,false true
showSampleSize boolean Whether to include sample sizes the table. true,false true

Other properties are inherited from the java.awt.Panel class and from the general TabularStatbean class.  

Code Sample - see Correlations.