GageRandRTable STATBEAN®


Purpose: Displays summary of a gage R&R analysis.

DataSource: GageRandR 


Read/Write Properties:

Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
showANOVA boolean Whether to display the analysis of variance table. true,false true
showEstimatedSigma boolean Whether to display a line with the estimated R&R sigma. true,false true
showParts boolean Whether to display an analysis of part-to-part variability. true,false true
showRandRTable boolean Whether to display a table showing the estimated R&R components. true,false true
showStudySize boolean Whether to display a summary of the study size. true,false true
showTitle boolean Whether to display a title at the top of the page. true,false true
sigmaMultiple double Multiple of sigma used to compute P/T ratio. >0 5.15
tolerance double Width of specification. >0 to include P/T ratio 0.0

Other properties for GageR&RTable are inherited from the java.awt.Panel class and from the general TabularStatbean class. 

Code Sample - see GageRandR.