HypothesisTestsTable STATBEAN®


Purpose: Displays results of a hypothesis test by utilizing Statgraphics software as a hypothesis testing calculator. Creates hypothesis testing tables.

DataSource: HypothesisTests 


Read/Write Properties:

Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
includeHeader boolean Whether to include a table header. true,false true
includeSummaryStatistics boolean Whether to include summary statistics. true,false true
includeConfidenceLimits boolean Whether to include confidence limits. true,false true
includeTestStatistic boolean Whether to include the test statistic and P-value. true,false true
includeConclusion boolean Whether to include a conclusion at the bottom of the table. true,false true

Other properties are inherited from the java.awt.Panel class and from the general TabularStatbean class. 

Code Sample - see HypothesisTests.