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Statgraphics Centurion 18 contains 30 new

statistical procedures and significant

enhancements to 18 existing procedures.

The Centurion software enhancements emphasize the increasing importance of data visualization, both for unlocking the information that is often hidden in collected data and for understanding the meaning of statistical methods applied to that data.

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Statgraphics Centurion 18 is data analysis software for quality improvement, predictive analytics, Six Sigma and beyond. Executives, engineers, quality professionals and data explorers worldwide achieve success with Statgraphics.

New features in Statgraphics Centurion 18

Centurion software for data visualization. Statgraphics 18 adds many new procedures for data visualization, including population pyramids, dynamic wind roses, violin plots, butterfly charts, and Likert plots. Creating the proper view of your data is essential to extracting the key information that it contains. Identifying unusual observations or trends can lead to important discoveries.

Design of experiments.  Breeze through projects. Reduce costs. The DOE Wizard steps you through each stage of the experimental design process. Statgraphics 18 adds new definitive screening designs that estimate curvature without augmenting the initial design. Use the dynamic Response Surface Explorer to visualize each factor’s impact on the fitted process model.

Quality management. Quality improvement made simple. Need SPC? Effortlessly kick your quality projects up a notch. Statgraphics 18 implements new procedures such as Bayesian estimation of process capability and capability control charts, both described in the new book by Dr. Polhemus titled Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality from CRC Press.

Demographic maps. Maps may now be generated using any SHP or BNA boundary file. In addition to maps that use color gradients to show the value of a selected variable within each region, a new map format draws bubbles of different size at locations on the map to illustrate variables such as city size. Statgraphics 18's interactive Statlets help visualize changes in the variable by letting time change dynamically.

Statlets®. 10 new interactive graphs have been added which let users visualize changes in their data over time. Users interact with the Statlets using controls on a special toolbar and the effects are displayed immediately. Statlets are provided for tasks such as determining adequate sample sizes for creating capability control charts, exponential smoothing, drawing violin plots, and visualizing changes in population.

Big Data. The 64-bit version of Statgraphics 18 adds capabilities for analyzing datasets containing millions of records. A new file format loads big data quickly, while scatterplots adapt to the larger sample sizes by drawing shaded hexagons rather than individual points. Commonly used procedures have been rewritten to avoid time consuming calculations that are often not needed.

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