Training Module: Introduction to Statgraphics Centurion

This data analytics training module provides an introduction to the STATGRAPHICS Centurion software for data analysis, including accessing data and running statistical procedures.

Module length: 1 day


Getting Started

  • The Main Statgraphics Window
  • Observations and Variables
  • Opening a Data Source
  • Analyzing the Data
  • Saving the Session in a StatFolio

Running Statistical Procedures

  • Data Input Dialog Boxes
  • Printing Analysis Windows
  • Copying Tables and Graphs to Other Applications
  • Using the StatReporter
  • Using the StatGallery
  • Using the StatAdvisor
  • Locating Statistics with the StatWizard
  • Publishing Results with StatPublish
  • Setting System Preferences

Manipulating Data

  • Creating New Variables
  • Variable Transformations
  • Data Generators
  • Sorting Data
  • Recoding Data

Exploring Data with Dynamic Graphs

  • Graphics Profile Designer
  • Point Labeling
  • Jittering
  • Brushing
  • Zoom and Pan
  • 3D Rotation
  • Using the Response Surface Explorer
  • Creating Videos