Statgraphics Technologies, Inc.

Statgraphics was the first statistical software package for microcomputers

While a member of the faculty at Princeton University, Dr. Neil Polhemus became fascinated by the ability of computers to create statistical graphics that let data explain themselves visually, and therefore far more effectively than in tables alone. He initially developed statistical graphics functions on mainframe computers, and then realized the emerging microcomputer market was producing personal computers increasingly able to handle both statistical calculations and software for statistical analysis.

In 1982, the first version of Statgraphics Plus was released.

A powerful and intuitive tool

Statgraphics Technologies, Inc. develops and markets Windows software for statistical analysis. Our company was founded on the idea of creating an intuitive software package that enables users to make the best possible decisions by effective use of their data. Our software is designed with unique features that guide users with powerful statistical functions matched with intelligent support wizards allowing every user to access the full potential of their data.


The principals in the company have been in charge of STATGRAPHICS development since its inception in 1980. In addition to software development, the company also conducts training seminars in the use of STATGRAPHICS for statistical analysis.