Published under: big data analysis

Very interesting examples of using Big Data can be found in a recent article at Smart Data Collective.

Especially intriguing is the use of satellite imagery to analyze retail store parking lots. I’m sure that’s a good way to get data on both your own and your competitors’ clientele. The article says the folks promoting this type of analysis claim they can learn all they need to know from those images. I guess they must analyze the type of vehicles as well as the number.

Also interesting is the use of data by ski resorts to keep track of how many runs each skier makes and other information such as total feet skied. They are able to use RFID systems to track each skier. I hope they find a similar technology for golf. They could automatically compile your score, diagram the landing locations of your tee shots, tell you how many greens you hit in regulation and how many times you three-putted. It would be helpful in lowering scores on your home course.

What do you think of this type of analysis?