Training Module: Further Topics in Design of Experiments

This module continues our other design of experiments training courses with STATGRAPHICS.

Design of Experiments Training Course Module length: 0.5 day

Outline Of These DOE Training Courses:

Response Surface Experiments

  • Central Composite Designs
  • Three-level Factorials
  • Box-Behnken Designs
  • Draper-Lin Designs

Mixture Experiments

  • Mixture Models
  • Simplex-Lattice and Simplex-Centroid Designs
  • Extreme Vertices Designs
  • Analyzing Mixture Experiments

Multiple Response Optimization

  • Constructing Desirability Functions
  • Generating Overlay Plots

D-Optimal Designs

  • Generating Candidate Runs
  • Selecting the Optimal Subset
  • Using D-Optimal Designs to Fix Botched Experiments

Robust Parameter Designs

  • Robust Operating Conditions
  • Control Variables and Noise Variables
  • Using Taguchi's Orthogonal Arrays
  • Using Montgomery's Combined Designs

Variance Component Designs

  • Nested Factors
  • Estimating Variance Components