License Purchases

License types and statistical software packages

  • Single-user licenses are licensed to a single individual for use of data visualization programs on up to 2 computers.
  • Multi-user network licenses allow multiple individuals to use the program. The license controls the maximum number of simultaneous users.
  • Enterprise licenses allow unlimited access within an organization.

Purchases Within the United States

If you are located within the United States and wish to purchase a new license for any of our statistical software packages, you may contact us here, email or phone at 540-428-0084, ext. 355. Purchases must be paid for using a credit card. If you select an academic or student license, you will be asked to provide proof of your status prior to receiving the license to any of our data visualization programs.

To view our Statgraphics 19 prices, click here!

For quantities greater than 10, additional discounts may apply. Please email our sales desk or call 540-428-0084, ext. 355.


If you wish to upgrade from a previous version of our products, please contact us to discuss your needs. We will be happy to provide a formal quote for one of our other data visualization programs.


Purchases Outside the United States

Please contact one of our international dealers, who will provide you with service and support for our statistical software packages in your country.