Purpose: Displays scatterplot of quantiles for two numeric columns. Allows Statgraphics to perform Quantile Quantile Plot (Q-Q Plot) Interpretation.

Q-Q Plot Interpretation DataSource: any. 


Q-Q Plot Interpretation Read/Write Properties
Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
tablewiseExclusion boolean Whether all rows of the data table containing a missing value in any column should be excluded from the plot. true,false false
xVariableName String The name of the column with data values to be plotted on the horizontal axis. Any string. "X"
yVariableName String The name of the column with data values to be plotted on the vertical axis. Any string. "Y"

Other properties are inherited from the java.awt.Canvas class and from the general GraphicalStatbean class. 

Quantile Quantile Plot Software Code Sample 

//create a datasource bean 
FileDataSource fileDataSource1 = new STATBEANS.FileDataSource(); 

//set the file name to be read 

//create a plot bean 
QuantileQuantilePlot qQPlot1 = new STATBEANS.QuantileQuantilePlot(); 

//set the columns for the x and y axes 
qQPlot1.setXVariableName("Process A"); 
qQPlot1.setYVariableName("Process B"); 

//add the plot to the application frame 

//make the plot a listener for changes in the FileDataSource bean 

//instruct the fileDataSource bean to read the file