Purpose: Simple regression calculator that plots the fitted regression model relating Y and X.

DataSource to Create a Simple Regression Model: SimpleRegression or PolynomialRegression. 


Simple Regression Calculator Read/Write Properties
Name Type Description Possible Values Default Value
confidenceLevel double Level of confidence for the prediction and confidence limits. as a percentage. 0.0001-99.9999 95.0
confidenceLimitsColor Color The color of the confidence limits. Any valid Color.
predictionLimitsColor Color The color of the prediction limits. Any valid Color.
predictionMeanSize int The number of observations averaged in the value for which the prediction limits apply. 1+ 1
resolution int The number of points along the horizontal axis used to draw the fitted line and limits. 20-2000 200
showConfidenceLimits boolean Whether to display confidence limits for the mean of Y. true,false true
showPredictionLimits boolean Whether to display prediction limits for new observations. true,false true
xFromY boolean Whether to plot limits using calibration option (locating x for a predicted y). true,false false

Other properties for the simple regression model are inherited from the java.awt.Canvas class and from the general GraphicalStatbean class.

Code Sample - see SimpleRegression.