Training Module: Fundamentals of Statistical Process Control

This module covers the use of STATGRAPHICS in performing basic statistical methods. Here you can learn statistics fundamentals and statistical process control training before moving on to advanced SPC training.

Statistical Process Control Training Module length: 0.5 day

Basic SPC Training Outline:

Summarizing Data

  • Run Charts
  • Multiple Variable Analysis

Basic Control Charts

  • X-Bar and R Charts
  • X-Bar and S Charts
  • Individuals Charts
  • Control Charts for Non-Normal Data
  • Attributes Charts (p, np, U, C)

Process Capability Analysis

Capability Analysis for Variables

  • Selecting the Proper Distribution
  • Estimating DPMO
  • Estimating Capability Indices
  • Calculating the Sigma Quality Level
  • Non-Normal Capability Indices

Capability Analysis for Attributes

  • Defects (binomial and hypergeometric)
  • Defects per Unit (Poisson and negative binomial)

Pareto Analysis

  • Pareto Charts
  • Cumulative Pareto Charts