Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality

2-day Seminar

This seminar covers the material contained in the new book by Dr. Neil Polhemus titled Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality (CRC Press, 2018). The seminar is presented at selected locations for members of the public and also on-site at client locations. Each participant is asked to bring a laptop on which an evaluation or licensed copy of Statgraphics 18 has been installed. The program is used throughout the seminar to analyze the sample datasets contained in the book.

The seminar is organized as follows:

Day 1 morning session

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Capability Analysis Based on Proportion of Nonconforming Items

Chapter 3: Capability Analysis Based on Rate of Nonconformities

Day 1 afternoon session

Chapter 4: Capability Analysis of Normally Distributed Data

Chapter 5: Capability Analysis of Nonnormal Data

Day 2 morning session

Chapter 6: Statistical Tolerance Limits

Chapter 7: Multivariate Capability Analysis

Day 2 afternoon session

Chapter 8: Sample Size Determination

Chapter 9: Control Charts for Process Capability



Course Facts

Instructor Dr. Neil W. Polhemus
Material provided Class notes for each day plus copy of Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality from CRC Press (2018).
Class size Limited to 30 students except in special circumstances.
Computers Provided by participants
Training facility Provided by client when presented on-site
Software Each participant should download 30-day evaluation copy of Statgraphics 18 for use in class.
Past clients A partial list of clients for whom on-site courses have been given is available here.
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