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There are many documents available in our statistics learning center that can tell you more about Statgraphics and how to get the most from its statistical procedures.

User Manuals

Product Link
Statgraphics Centurion User Manual in PDF format
Statgraphics Sigma express Getting Started.pdf
Statgraphics stratus Statgraphics stratus.pdf
Statgraphics Web Services Please contact us.
StatBeans Documentation is available online here.

Procedure Documentation

Each statistical procedure in Statgraphics Centurion and Statgraphics Sigma express is extensively documented in a separate PDF file, including an explanation of all output, formulas, and a worked example that you can replicate using the sample data files provided. You can access those documents from the Help menu while in the products.

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Other Documents

Other documents of interest include:

Document Description
Contents & Statistics calculated by STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVII
A detailed list of tests and statistics in STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVII.
Version XVII Additions and Enhancements New features in STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVII compared with STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI.
Version XVI Additions and Enhancements New features in STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI compared with STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV.
STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVII Product Brochure Four page, full color brochure describing the product and its features.
Migrating from Minitab A guide for Minitab users, including instructions for moving data and a menu conversion table.
Selecting Statistical Software for Six Sigma A discussion of important factors that should be considered when selecting a statistical package to use for Six Sigma
Integrating STATGRAPHICS Centurion into a Six-Sigma Program Describes the use of STATGRAPHICS in Six Sigma programs and illustrates some of the applicable procedures.
Six Sigma Software Comparison Compares the Six Sigma capabilities of STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI with those of Minitab.
Capitalizing on the Power of Dynamic Data Visualization PowerPoint slides from presentation at the 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings in Chicago.
Statistical Analysis and Data Visualization PowerPoint slides from the 2015 ASQ World Conference showing new features in Version 17.
Dynamic Data Visualization PowerPoint slides from presentation at the 2014 Latin American Convention in Quantitative Methods and Risk Management.
Ten Data Analysis Tools You Can't Afford to be Without PowerPoint Slides from presentation at the 2011 Lean and Six Sigma conference.
Multivariate Stat Tools for Six Sigma PowerPoint presentation from the 2007 ASQ Six Sigma Conference.
Creating Statistical Web Services Using ASP.NET Paper presented at the 2007 Joint Statistical Meetings in Salt Lake City.

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