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Statgraphics Technologies, Inc. has recently developed a version specially configured for use with Microsoft Azure. This version runs in the Azure cloud using Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop. It can be accessed using any device that supports an HTML5 browser, including PCs, MACs, Linux computers, and iPad and Android tablets. The user interface is identical to that used in the desktop version and includes all procedures and features found there.

Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure can access files on client machines after they are uploaded to a Temporary Files directory. 

The primary advantages of Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure include:

  1. Users may access the program anywhere from any Internet connection using any device with an HTML5 browser.
  2. IT departments need to maintain only a single installation, which facilitates updates and reduces support costs.
  3. The program runs on virtual machines configured by Microsoft Azure, which can be as powerful as required.

Licenses for Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure are sold on a subscription basis and are priced according to the maximum number of simultaneous users. User access is monitored over the Internet, which will deny access to the program if the maximum number of users are already logged in. Installation of Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure is the responsibility of the licensee, as are all Azure charges including computer time and data storage. Extensive documentation is provided to assist in that implementation.

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Statgraphics is a registered trademark of Statgraphics Technologies, Inc. Azure is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.