Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure

A new version of Statgraphics 19 has been developed for use with Microsoft Azure. Statgraphics for Azure can be accessed using any HTML5 compliant browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11, and Microsoft Edge. Devices capable of running Statgraphics for Azure include PCs, MACs, Linux computers, and iPad and Android tablets.

Statgraphics for Azure contains all of the procedures and features found in the desktop version. Users login using their email address and password. Organizational licenses for using Statgraphics for Azure are based on the maximum number of concurrent users, which is monitored over the Internet. Organizations are responsible for creating an Azure account and paying for any Azure charges that are incurred.

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Microsoft Azure

Statgraphics for Azure runs on virtual machines created in Microsoft Azure using Azure Virtual Desktop. The newest type of Azure VMs run Multi-Session Windows 11, which supports multiple sessions on a single VM. IT administrators may offer users access to one or more applications including Statgraphics, or they can offer users complete virtual desktops. When users' data is also stored in the cloud, access and computation is independent of the local device on which they access the program.

The following document provides an overview of Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure:

Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure Overview

Instructions for installing Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure are provided here:

Installing and Using Statgraphics for Microsoft Azure