Published under: data visualization, data analysis, Data analytics, Word Cloud, text mining, R, Unstructured Data

See what you will now be able to do with our brand new R interface!

Are you an R programer contemplating adopting a partner "mainstream" software for validation or data sharing purposes? If you are even just a little curious about what our new Statgraphics R interface has to offer you owe it to yourself to attend our upcoming webinar.

This webinar will demonstrate the use of the new Statgraphics/R interface for data mining of text. It will show how to take a column of character data from the Statgraphics datasheet and use R to generate a word cloud showing the most commonly occurring words. The technique is extremely useful for analysis of survey results and other textual data. A StatFolio will be provided to participants containing the R script used in the webinar.

Join our Chief of Development, Dr. Neil Polhemus, as he explains why Statgraphics Centurion XVII is used by companies, academic institutions, and individuals all over the world, and reveals how effortlessly you can alternate between the two programs, making your life easier. With businesses accumulating unstructured data at a record pace, learn how Statgraphics can now help you to analyze and interpret your textual data to make better informed decisions. 


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