All STATGRAPHICS analyses are validated by comparing the numerical results to one or more sources, including textbooks, journal articles, government benchmarks, hand calculations, and output from other well-established statistical programs. Recognizing that many companies that deal with regulatory agencies such as the FDA are required to use data validation software, we will provide registered users with information and data validation tools to help facilitate that process.


The PDF files provided with each statistical procedure outline the important calculations performed in that procedure. They also work through an example involving a typical set of data. Sample files containing the data used in each procedure and an associated Statfolio are installed in the "data" folder of the directory containing the Statgraphics executable.

Software Quality Control and Data Validation Tools

Each release of STATGRAPHICS is subjected to rigorous tests before release to the public, both to ensure that it functions properly and to validate the numerical results. A document describing in detail the procedures employed to test STATGRAPHICS is available upon request. 
To request assistance with data validation software, please contact us.