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Starting today, statgtraphics will give you all the power and versatility of R, in a point-and-click interface.

After speaking with Statgraphics users and perspective users all over the world, in businesses large and small hailing from virtually every industry, we decided it was time once-and-for-all to integrate with R. So we did just that. We built a simple, easy to use R interface designed for both the R enthusiast and the point-and-click devotee alike.

The idea behind the R interface initially started as a way to provide users with the ability to program complex and very specific procedures in R, and then allow Statgraphics to reach out to R and run those procedures in the point-and-click interface that is Statgraphics. We heard from a lot of users that they wanted the ability to add personalized and customized procedures that could be run over and over with the simple click of a mouse, so what better way to do this than tie into R.

Soon however we realized that the interest extended far beyond simply being able to tie into R and customize procedures. There was a need within companies large and small to offer an affordable, easy to use method of translation between R users and those who want to (or need to) use a validated, easy to use, point-and-click program.  By offering companies the ability to attract new, top-tier talent with the promise of being able to continue to work in R, while simultaneously assuring Statgraphics users they will be able to read and edit what was written in R in Statgraphics, we are helping to bridge a critical language barrier being faced by companies around the world.

In addition to all of these very important and useful benefits the new interface provides, we find that one of the most appealing aspect of the new R interface is the ability to generate beautiful and complex graphs, charts and images to display your results. No longer is there a need to employ expensive data visualization software, just select an R visualization package and go.

What it all really comes down to, is we here at Statgraphics want to provide you with a data analysis software package that can function at the level of the most expensive platforms out there while offing it to you for less than half the cost of your annual cable bill.

So in short Statgraphics is not only expanding its capabilities greatly, it is helping to facilitate and streamline collaboration amongst team members and at the same time providing companies with the sales pitch they need to attract the best and the brightest talent to help drive their company forward, regardless of industry, business model, or discipline. Everyone knows that in order to compete in today’s business environment, you need to hire and retain the best employees, and you need to make use of every possible bit of information that’s out there to help drive decision making. Why not let Statgraphics help with both.