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Let a few statgraphics users tell you why they use Centurion XVII

Sometimes it's just best to let your product do the talking for you, especially when it's as powerful, well respected and easy to use as Centurion XVII. Sure, we could rattle off all of the features and capabilities we offer in one complete package that the competition doesn't (hint: it's a lot) or we could show you just how wide spread Statgraphics is in just about every industry imaginable, or maybe we could just list all of the Fortune 100s who use our software on a daily basis (it’s a looong list), but that would just be us bragging. Instead, we decided it’s time you hear about us from the people who are actually benefitting from our software on a daily basis.

Take Brian for example.  Brian works for the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE).  For part of his work, he uses Statgraphics for environmental analysis related to coal mine reclamation such as the analysis of surface water and ground water as well as things like soil composition and overburden.  In his time with OSMRE, Brian mentioned that he has been involved with two very specific areas where he used Statgraphics.  The first was in the Lignite Fields of the Gulf Coal Province.  It was here that he used Statgraphics to compare the textural and chemical properties of native soil to those characteristics of overburden proposed to substitute for those native soils.  He has also used Statgraphics in the Eastern Interior Coal Province where he conducted postmining hydrology assessments to determine whether a reclaimed surface mine had significantly affected the quality of surface water and groundwater resources. 

Another use of Statgraphics that Brian highlighted was when they used existing water monitoring records.  Said Brian, “I particularly like having monitoring records in a data book with multiple data sheets from which it is very easy and quick to select and analyze records of interest.”  Brian also described one of the successes they had using Statgraphics:  “Referencing data from water monitoring records, statistical analysis of water quality variations, both spatially and temporally, was conducted using Statgraphics to predict how proposed mining operations might affect local water resources.”.

Here at Statgraphics, we are gratified to know that our product is playing a big part in protecting our environment.

Any use, or presumed use, of product name is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.


Statgraphics doesn’t just operate in the public sector though, and it is designed in part, to be a powerful DOE, SPC/SQC tool as well. Take Sam, a statistical consultant from Shell. Sam uses Statgraphics for a variety of things, however, we will let him tell you in his own words why he and Shell use Statgraphics.

“On a day to day basis we use Statgraphics to solve all manner of problems from DOE, to Regression, to SPC/SQC.  Recently we used the power of Statgraphics to create a user friendly tool to perform SPC/SQC on a process that has saved the client both time and money by significantly reducing quality testing.  Statgraphics has been a wonderful tool in teaching the art of statistics to our fellow colleagues in Shell.  The ease of use has provided us with much success in explaining statistical concepts to non-statisticians throughout our company.

The ability to overlay plots of analysis has provided our clients with numerous insights on both where to go next and what should be investigated further.  We also find the ability of programing a portfolio for multiple analyses on the same dataset a time saver when introducing new data to the same analysis procedures.  The drop-in ability of plots into Microsoft Office programs is also a great feature as well as cutting time and streamlining the process of writing reports for clients.  The ability to select what analyses you need visually provides a great work environment for both statisticians and our clients.

Statgraphics is a power statistical software package with the end user in mind.”

-Sam, Shell Oil Corp. Statistical Consultant, Emergency Response Team


Statgraphics is also for small businesses. Ellen works for a small engineering firm, and as such, budgeting is very important to them. They need to be absolutely sure that when they decide to purchase a product that it will do everything they need it to, and then some. We recently herd from Ellen about their experience using Statgraphics Centurion XVII.

Not only does Statgraphics provide industry leading quality at a price that will fit any budget, we also provide software that is extremely easy to use. See what Ellen has to say in her own words about Statgraphics:

"As a small R&D company within the automotive industry, we constantly face tough deadlines in our R&D work. "Statgraphics Design of Experiment" software and the easy-to-use statistical analysis tools allows us to reach significant results in an extremely fast and efficient manner.  Presenting results to different competencies is a non-issue since the results are always easy to grasp. It is good value for money!"

-Ellen, MM MultiMaterial-Welding GmbH, Business Analyst